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General Catalogue

The Perin Spa General Catalogue is out! It covers ALL of our products currently on sale and is divided into 9 categories (G1, G2, G3, etc.), to make it easy to use and search.

A total of 9 digital catalogues have been created for you to browse online (our “AtomBooks”). These allow you to search the full product range, thanks to extremely detailed, interactive indexes.

Simply click on the cover image for the category that interests you, to access the relevant interactive catalogue directly.

You can print the pages that interest you or download a PDF file directly from any AtomBook for any product category.



Download the AtomBooks for your tablet to view them OFFLINE, from anywhere, without needing an internet connection.


Download the AtomBooks on your computer to view them OFFLINE, by clicking on the WINDOWS or iOS icons under the cover images.

INDEX_Codes Index

INDEX_Products Index

G1_Bolts and screws

G2_Joints and shelf brackets

G3_Closing Systems

G4_Hinges and Guides

G5_Feet and wheels

G6_Functional accessories


G8_Sliding systems

G9_Handles and lamps