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Personalised Packaging

The great success of Perin S.p.A.’s packaging service has required additional organisational efforts from the company, so as to expand the production facility and develop the machinery created specifically for this service. Increasingly specific and personalised needs have meant that sophisticated automations could be implemented to optimise production times and provide greater control to ensure punctual and accurate deliveries.

Counting units for the various accessories; movement and bundling; customised bag printing specifying the contents, with bar code or company logo; hardware insertion and bag sealing; computerised electronic weighing; automatic packing: an efficient, accurate, tried-and-tested process.

Operating stages

The Personalised Packaging Service operating stages are presented below in order

1 > Packaging dept

reparto di confezionamento

2 > Detail of a counting unit

particolare di un modulo di conteggio

3 > Machine start-up stage

fase di avviamento macchina

4 > Cup belt

nastri a tazze

5 > Customized printing on the packaging

stampa personalizzata sulla confezione

6 > Weighing system, end result

sistema di pesatura e risultato finale